comes from the memories of Susanah Tamar Magdalena from her time in life with the Master/Teacher Yeshua and Mary, The Magdalene. She remembers the healings that were done. She remembers how these healings were done. She remembers being the one who created a teaching of the healings. 

Susanah is now bringing these Teachings back into our world.
Transforming the vibrational imagery from 
Body | Mind | Soul - to - Soul | Force | Source.

Susanah is now offering these Teachings in a One-on-One format that includes VII Sessions of enlightenment.

  • Session I         - Gathering and Creating
  • Session II        - Sacred Breath of The Holy Spirit
  • Session III       - Sacred Sound of Creation
  • Session IV       - Sacred Revelation of Inspiration
  • Session V        - Sacred Vibration of Manifestation
  • Session VI       - Sacred Harmony of Holy Union
  • Session VII     - Celebration

These sessions are created to bring you fully within your Divinity – your soul’s innate purpose.

Sessions are held weekly for 7 weeks on a day and time agreed upon by you and Susanah. 
Sessions I & VII are 4 hours in length and Sessions II-VI are 6 hours in length.
Investment:  $160.00 per class 
Pay In Full Option:  
Total $900.00 ($220 savings) *payable 2 weeks prior to the 1st class scheduled

Healing Path of The Rose - Stepping into Mastery is offered upon Completion of Healing Path of The Rose Practitioner Teachings.
*offered only in a Group setting.

Path of The Rose Teaching Schedule

​Part I - Friday, December 20 - 6:30-9:30pm

Parts II-VI are held on Saturdays from 10am-5pm

​January 4 | January 18 | February 1 | February 15 | February 29

Part VII - Friday, March 6 - 6:30-9:30pm

​Individual Sessions: $160.00 each
Total $1120.00 
Pay In Full $900.00 (saves $220.00)

This Teaching is limited to 6 Rose Initiates.
1st Session or Pay In Full due by December 1, 2019.

Healing Path of The Rose Prayer Beads

This is in Celebration of The Return of the Light

as this Teaching re-emerges into our world!

A new Teaching Series commences
on Friday, December 20th

as we Celebrate the Return of the Light
​w/the Winter Solstice

Healing Path of The Rose Teaching

Healing Path of The Rose

The Healing Path of The Rose
​Certified Teaching Series

The Portal Access Point to Divinity


​offered  in a 7-part Teaching

Part I - Gathering of The Roses

Parts II-VI
The Sacred Breath | The Sacred Sound | The Sacred Revelation | The Sacred Vibration | The Sacred Harmony

Part VII - Celebration of Completion

Offering Rose Healings to and for Others

All 7 parts must be completed in order to receive Certification in
The Healing Path of The Rose.