Rose Message & Healing Sessions are offered In-Person 
and/or via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

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What to Expect in a Rose Message & Healing Session

Powerful Messages of Support, Empowerment, Forgiveness, Love & Joy are expressed through the vibrancy of the 'other-worldly' rose frequency. This allows the delving into various aspects of your past, present and future to clear the obstacles that are keeping you from truly stepping into your Divinity.

Rose Healing Sessions bring forth the intense vibrational aspects of the Roses of our planet. Roses hold a frequency of 320 MHz that brings forth higher levels of consciousness. 

​Susanah pulls forth the energy and vibration of the Roses & the Beloved presence offering the vibrational patterning of the Healings that were offered by Jeshua, Mary, The Magdalene and the followers who chose to be part of the healings brought to our planet by these amazing individual light sources from the origins of Lemuria. As Cheyalia (KeyHolder to the Lost Memories of Lemuria) Susanah is fully authorized as one who bring these healings back into the Light of our world as it is today.

Rose Message Sessions bring forth the intense vibrational aspects of the Roses of our planet. Roses hold a frequency of 320 MHz that brings forth higher levels of consciousness. Susanah utilizes the beauty of the physical presence of roses as well as the creation of a beautiful Rose Oracle card system. 

In a session, you will choose a minimum of 7 Rose Oracle Cards. As each card is discussed, you will drop a rose petal into a bowl of water to embrace the energy of that which is being brought forth in the message. After each card has been delved into and rose petals have been dropped in the bowl, Susanah will then look into the bowl of water to receive additional information to convey to you.

Rose Message & Healing Session

Rose Message Sessions

Healing of the Rose Message & Healing Sessions

The combined aspect of a Rose Message Session with that of a Rose Healing takes this experience to a whole and complete level.

In this, Susanah will delve deeply into the Wisdom of the Rose for distinctive clarification offered through a beautiful Rose Oracle deck created in beauty and with a distinct message of the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine Wisdom of Understanding that lies within us all - bringing forth the Beloved presence. The rose cards offer Susanah distinct passage into the depth of each seeker's records of keeping. The information that comes forth is profound, insightful and healing on a myriad of levels.

Following the Rose Message Session, Susanah will transfer the information gathered into a healing session working with the information that was brought forward in the message portion. 

What is attained through this work is removing the layers of woundings to bring forth distinct healing. These usually take multiple sessions to work through the various aspects of the 5 distinctive wounds as follows:
1. Abandonment - transmuting this to the Healing of the Empowerment of  Self-Love
2. Betrayal - transmuting this to the Healing of Trust
3. Denial - transmuting this to the Healing Awareness of Truth
4. Judgment - transmuting this to the most Powerful Healing component of Forgiveness
5. Separation - to full Surrender 

We can work on 1 aspect individually or work on the collectively through individual sequencing of sessions.

Rose Healing Session