It’s difficult to describe what Susanah does, and how she assists one in their healing...other than magical!  The wealth of knowledge, tools, and healing energy is incredible. 

If you think you’ve worked on things, but still have something holding you back, there’s probably another layer to peel back, and a deeper wound to be brought out to the light and healed. Susanah’s techniques are quite profound. No matter what spiritual route you resonate with, she can work with that. 

I am so grateful for her assistance! 

I cannot thank you enough for the life changing healing you gave me! I feel so ready to move into this next phase, and am so blessed you have been sent my way to help. I can't remember having a healing this profound. You are truly an angel. I can't wait to see what the next step on my path will be. I'll continue integrating and working on what you gave me. Such a gift! Thank you thank you thank you!
~With much love, Elizabeth

I recieved a Rose Message/Healing today from Susanah Tamar Magdalena. 
I loved this experience immensely. 
My truth being spoken through each rose picture and each message.
Finding new truths of my being was exciting.
Past lives came up to be cleared - Pertaining to speaking my truth and being shut down. 
One was being a young woman who spoke truths through a village and she wasn't accepted for these truths so she was locked away in her room.
Another , I was a man / a lawyer who spoke up about a wrongly written law and I was imprisoned for this. 
I felt both of these immensely in my heart. 
She cleared them for me though. I felt a release that was much needed. 
My whole life I've felt shut down for sharing my thoughts and my feelings. I have so much to say, but articulating them and having the bravery have been my issues to heal.
I'm finding more and more acceptance in my depth and finding more ways to speak my truth everyday, instead of vomiting what I need to say long after they should have been said.
I will be focusing on my throat chakra and my heart chakra much more in this new cycle of my life. Creatively expressing has definitely been a theme.

Thank you so much Susanah


My Rose Healing session with Susanah was quite powerful. I readily feel energy from Spirit and the energy in this session was off the charts! It left me feeling peaceful, loved, relaxed and healed on some deep level. 

My Rose Message and Healing Session with Susanah Magdalena was so very powerful, gentle, inspirational, memorable, insightful, and healing. I enjoyed the whole experience yet my favorite was dropping the Rose petals in the bowl of water and watching the relationships play out between them. 

I left the healing feeling truly magnificent, with added awareness and solid suggestions to continue healing. The environment was extremely nurturing and her energy doubly so.


​"As a healer and reader, I am always searching for someone that can bring in the higher truths and wisdom of my divinity. Susanah’s Rose Messages are powerful and extraordinary. The reading is beautiful, sacred and loving. The energies of the rose assists us in moving into a sacred place within ourselves so that we can connect with our inner truth and wisdom. I was moved several different times during the reading with the messages that came through during my reading. I would highly recommend these readings when you are ready to take your life to a new understanding of who your are.”
~Vialet B Rayne

I absolutely loved the Rose Healing session that I had with Susanah. It affirmed what I was facing and since the healing, I feel more confident and calm because I have more knowledge about my destiny and what direction I need to go in next. Everything that Susanah does is perfect and I still have the rose petals that she gave to me to put on my altar. I've had many healings and this was one of the very best!
~Love you, CJ

Rose Healing Intensive

Healing Path of The Rose Teaching

Do you feel a strong connection to Jesus, but mainstream religion doesn't seem to fulfill you? Do you ever wonder if there's more to the Story? Do you feel a connection with Mary Magdalene? Do you want to be part of the repair of the world (Tikkun Olam)? Then you owe it to yourself to check this class out. LIFE CHANGING.

I took Susanah Tamar Magdalena's Healing Path of the Rose class series, and found that my intuitive senses have increased significantly as a result.
I have been doing healing work for many years, including Usui Reiki and massage, and after taking this class series, I have felt a greater sensitivity to the healing energy as it manifests itself in my clients.
I would recommend this class to anyone wishing to expand the modalities in their healing toolbox.

Rose Messages & Healings